Lastest Craft Beer News

Copperpoint Brewing Co. throws its brew into craft beer ring Looking more like a rustic hangout in Colorado or a rugged neighborhood bar in New England, Copperpoint Brewing Company opened its doors and vats to a group of ever more discerning... Read more →

Lactic Acid 88% 5oz for Home Brew

Lactic Acid 88% 5oz for Home Brew Lactic Acid can be used in place of a sour mash. When using very pale malts it is easy to push your PH well above 5.2 – 5.4 PH range. Using Lactic Acid you can lower the PH without going through all of... Read more →

North Aurora considering brewpub

North Aurora considering brewpub The man behind the Turf Room in North Aurora has proposed building a brewpub with a microbrewery that would grow some of the ingredients on-site. Parker Grabowski wants to build Hardware Restaurant at the Orchard... Read more →
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