Make Your Own Beer

Make Your Own Beer

These young Brooklynites make super-easy kits that enable you to make your own beer. And it really is delicious (must better than anything you can buy at the store). How perfect and impressive would this be for Super Bowl parties?
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Learn How To Make Homebrew With Our 200+ HD Videos! So you want to learn how to homebrew, but you have no idea where to start? I know what it’s like, I screwed up quite a few batches when I first started homebrewing. I tried to learn from crappy old instructional books with few photos, and then from the low quality videos with terrible lighting, audio and editing. So I spent years and tens of thousands of dollars doing it the right way! We now have over 200 HD videos shot with professional lighting and sound, and edited with Final Cut Pro – the same software used to edit Hollywood movies! We teach people just like you how to make homebrew and become a homebrewer in no time. Even if you’ve never brewed beer before, have no idea how it all works, and hate chemistry! We take you through the basics of homebrewing equipment and what you’ll need to buy to get started. When it comes to actually brewing the beer, we now have 6 different beers brewed end-to-end, with every step of the brewing process filmed in HD-quality videos. How To Make Homebrew – Make Beer At Home Visit http today and get started with home brewing today!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. LegoRacer01 says:

    Too bad your a little far to ship to me! I would get one of these kits!! mmmm beer

  2. mimikayl says:

    this is hilarious! I never posted anything, I don’t make my own Kombucha, but I do know people who do and they are hardly hipsters, your anger makes me smile. I hope someone judges you the same way. stupid human. keep talking, you just sound as stupid as you claim others to be.

  3. petevii says:

    yeah you might be from brooklyn. yuppies

  4. fxxfred1994 says:


  5. oliverandm says:

    She was drunk

  6. Hemulen40 says:

    Makin HUGE batch . In my tub.

  7. Howcast says:

    Awesome! I’m gonna try this at home tonight

  8. TheTurnerTwitty says:

    1:25 Who’s your hot ass friend?

  9. aeon23 says:

    GREEN LANTERN TRAILER !!!!!! ^_^ Check my featured video.

  10. mrsnoops1958 says:

    Wow, you guys are a trip. Thanks for the idea, i would love to make my own, the dark of course. Take a second to see our video, thank you kids.

  11. AndarrayaTV says:

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  15. TwoSpoon says:

    Nice, must visit that place when i’m there…  Beer = magic ;D

  16. Xbox360Gamer7 says:

    @lombaxsecret your sad

  17. lombaxsecret says:

    Thumbs up if your here because of Tobuscus!

  18. crystonix says:

    what is this i dont even

  19. langerCAN says:

    I’m not a dark beer guy usually but that flavour combination sounds good.

  20. JackHides says:

    Did anyone else here cuz of Tobuscus?

  21. Krakrest says:

    Tobuscus sent me
    Good stuff

  22. crazytosh1 says:

    @PDDMSCILU Dude, it is biology, its yeast, a bacteria, that she’s talking about.

  23. Carboose957naptime says:

    @ElP4ul0 Hell yeah TOBUSCUS!

  24. iotubi26 says:

    @ElP4ul0 me too!

  25. ElP4ul0 says:

    Tobuscus sent me

  26. 101uman says:

    i am going to get drunk tonight

  27. jennasimpson212 says:

    Cool stuff, and a great idea for a site. How do I join?

  28. suzmartin09 says:

    The HD videos are awesome, so much better than most of the stuff I’ve tried to watch on youtube.

  29. flupitio says:

    How does it work? Do I have to become a member or something?

  30. anglassin says:

    Do you get to keep the videos or just watch them on your site?

  31. Jaytheman2100 says:

    Thanks! The free ebooks were a big help, I finally understand what I need to buy to get started.

  32. riftruler says:

    Man, where were you when I first started brewing!? I ruined soooo many batches :-)

  33. Jaytheman2100 says:

    @tsim4334 He He I wish I was your SO,  you sound fun :)

    Bye the way nice video

  34. tsim4334 says:

    Hmmm……. this might make a good b-day present for my SO….shhhhh don’t tell though!

  35. jackson2581001 says:

    I tried making beer once–but it was from a book. It didn’t turn out so good. I like the idea of leanring from videos–looks like it would be much easier to learn how to do it right.

  36. lphilips323 says:

    okay I want to learn more

  37. lfeliz1721 says:

    Well done video–you reeled me in.

  38. tranvanon5 says:

    Your the best videomaker that I know!!

  39. jwatkins212 says:

    Thanks for the free homebrewing book

  40. davismarie32 says:

    I agree BEER is cool!

  41. christyabb27 says:

    This is something I can see my husband and I doing together.

  42. andrewtom19 says:

    brilliant… so good i love it

  43. htthuy7 says:

    very? good, nice video

  44. larsstenson15 says:

    wow I just checked out your site—impressive

  45. summersunfun345 says:

    Do you have to have any special licenses?

  46. inflationalt1 says:

    I like it! Bien fait!

  47. haiauvn1 says:

    tested and working :P

  48. parannalife says:

    thx :)

  49. sgdfgsdfgification says:

    not bad thing :]

  50. felicityfive1 says:

    I want to learn how to make beer. How long does it take from start to finish before the beer is ready to drink?