Beer Making Equipment Kits from Midwest Supplies

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  1. mgwu36 says:

    *Kettle not included.

  2. Jonathon D says:

    Yeah , the prices don’t match with the website

  3. Justin Elder says:

    These prices don’t match your site

  4. 1962moe says:

    Hey NO SOUND !!!!

  5. bullsmith5050 says:

    Better Bottle is the brand name. I bought my starter kit and most of my equipment upgrades from Midwest. They’re great! Have more stuff in them than the competition at same or cheaper cost.

  6. agtaylor78 says:

    Your information is great for purchasing a starter kit, but I jsut hate “sales” on youtube. So please just take it at that.

    All that said, your prices seem very reasonable for starter kits. Hell, I am even considering picking up one of your kits to up-grade my set up.

    My only complaint is you sell the plastic as “the better bottle?” Let me just say, as a microbiologist, plastic sucks!!! Glass is so much better because it doesn’t scratch.

    But good video nevertheless.