How to Bottle Homebrew: Bottling the IPA

Bottling the extract recipe of the IPA we made.

Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Everyday IPA

In this video I am brewing my very first batch of all grain.
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  1. BEER865 says:

    I poured my priming sugar on top of the beer and stirred on my first batch
    and I felt like there was an inconsistency in carbonation from bottle to
    bottle. Since then, I started putting the priming sugar in first and
    pouring the beer on top of it.

    Also, does the pouring of the beer from the spout no introduce oxygen into
    the beer as it hits the bottom of the beer?

  2. Eddie Medina says:

    i like that bottle rinser and cap sanitizer. where can i get one?

  3. Pontefractious says:

    Good Video. A couple of thoughts.
    1) if you have a dish washer, use it to sanitize your bottles all at one
    go. Great labor saver. I rinse (power wash if necessary) the bottles first
    to make sure there is nothing left in the bottom from the previous brew.
    2) I read somewhere that if you are doing a concentrated malt brew, it is
    better to use some dried malt to prime with rather than sugar. I’ve been
    doing that ever since I started brewing. Don’t know how much difference it
    makes but it seems more “Reinheitsgebot” to me than sugar. Interested to
    know your thoughts.

  4. josh milligan says:

    good video, cheers

  5. Kale Booth says:

    they make single carboy draining rigs. you can make some fairly easily
    yourself, such as a few inches of 4″ wide PVC pipe that you can stick the
    carboy on. were you using starsan? a common saying is “don’t fear the foam”
    because the yeast actually eat that stuff up

  6. HomebrewersAlley says:

    I purchased mine from Maryland Homebrew ( and I’m sure there are
    probably plenty of other of home brew supply shops that carry them. You
    don’t have to rinse them out, just let them drain for a bit and they pretty
    much drip dry.

  7. HomebrewersAlley says:

    @tennispl1234 That is an excellent idea for adding the sugar! Will
    definitely try that on the next bottling session. Glad you like the videos
    and thanks for the suggestion and comment! Cheers!

  8. melvinvswaldo says:

    If you will accept I will gladly mail you a bottle filler with valve. It
    will make your job a piece of cake.

  9. HomebrewersAlley says:

    Glad you found the videos helpful! Looking forward to hear how your beer
    turned out! Cheers!

  10. HomebrewersAlley says:

    3. Waiting once bottled is for the carbonation to take place. 1 week in the
    bottle is not enough, I normally wait at least a month. 4. Waitng is good
    up to point with the beer. It will taste better in probably 5 weeks versus
    4, but after a time, it will reach its peak and start to lose some of the
    hop flavors. It again also depends on the type of beer. For example,
    lambics taste better a year or more later!

  11. buckstarchaser says:

    That is exactly what I needed to know. Thank you. I had seen single drainer
    stands for sale but the price is unreasonable. I’d like to build as much of
    the non-precision parts as possible to make it a more personal hobby I can
    be proud of. The pipe segment idea should do perfectly. Yes, I did use
    starsan since it seemed to be the most commonly mentioned one as I searched
    for information. The foam, and subsequent small rinse, both had me worried
    but I woke to all 3 carboys bubbling away.

  12. HomebrewersAlley says:

    You can google Co2 calculators and there are some good sites for that,
    however my general rule of thumb is if my final gravity is 1.010 or less in
    a five gallon batch I use 5 oz of priming sugar. If the final gravity is
    higher, then there is already more sugars in the brew, and I will need less
    sugar for carbonation.

  13. HomebrewersAlley says:

    @llamabox Thanks for the comments! I think with covering the carboy you are
    referring to keeping light from getting in? That’s a good idea and not one
    I had considered before. While in secondary, the carboy is in a closet that
    has no light whatsoever, and that particular day that I was bottling
    outside was cloudy, so I think that should have reduced most of the issue
    with light affecting the hop oils.

  14. Captain_Tuttle says:

    This video series on IPA brewing really helped me get ready to make my
    first batch! I look forward to sharing my results when the beer is
    finished! Thanks a lot!

  15. Tasting Nitch says:

    I need so much more equipment. Boo. My auto syphon is still my face.

  16. melvinvswaldo says:

    I saw the video that Whiterabbitjohn posted in reply to the video you made
    showing the all grain process. I wanted to let you know that he looks like
    a prick and I enjoy the videos you have posted. I hope that his attack
    doesn’t stop you from posting valuable information. Thanks and Cheers.

  17. HomebrewersAlley says:

    I agree that racking on top is a better way now. I was taught the way I
    show on this video, but another viewer suggested the racking on top the
    sugar after I posted this video and I have been doing it that way ever

  18. njpanyca says:

    you should get a bottling attachment that lets the beer fill from the
    bottom up. You just attach it to tubing and stick it against the bottom of
    the bottle and it starts a fill. Less oxygen. Good vid though.

  19. Rich Mendoza says:

    hey, great video. What kind of material is in your 2gl. cooler?…looks
    like that works well, other than the instructions that came with.

  20. dgallag339 says:

    What bag are you using to line that cooler?

  21. TurtleFeather Brew says:

    Man I like our idea of a biab mash, never accord to me to do that, looking
    at coolers and plumbing trying to cost out a cheap built for 1gal.
    Batches,…. BBS kits are good tho very over price, much cheaper to get the
    book an purchase the grains, trick I picked up to help with removing the
    hops and remaining sluggish dough is a folded cheese cloth or a clean brand
    new white wash cloth, … a small pinch of irish moss at 10mins helps as
    well to clear up the brew, cheers just subscribed

  22. homebeerbrewery says:

    Great video mate! Cheers

  23. Tony Martin says:

    Did you “dry hop” on day 7 using that darn cat? Lol

  24. TubeDinoz says:

    Nice brew video, Looks like it will be a great ipa.Look forward to seeing
    the end product. Cheers

  25. New improved grady1610 says:

    Poor Andy……..

  26. Jason Carroll says:

    Good job

  27. 78recordrepair says:

    Great job!!!