How to make a Strong(er) Ginger Beer (7 – 8%)

How to make a strong ginger beer with fresh root ginger and dry malt extract. This time the ginger level is perfect for what I’m after; enough to give a comf…

Blender tutorial showing you how to make a beer from start to finish, using Blender. View the post:

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  1. What kind of yeast do you use? I’ve heard “all purpose” yeast works, but
    isn’t champagne yeast the best for this? I could go for a frosted pint of
    this any day.

  2. Hi mate, Firstly, thanks for this video, very helpful. I have followed your
    recipe, the only difference is, I added the juice of a couple of lemons and
    added the honey after the light malt extract had melted. It has been a week
    and im currently measuring 1.020? Does this mean my beer is not as acholic?
    If so, shall I leave a say another 4 or 5 days and measure again? I want my
    beer around 7%-8% like yours :-)

  3. You could add hops if you wanted, it was just my personal taste, the
    traditional ginger beers I made with my Dad when I was a nipper were just
    ginger and sugar. I used about 10 oz ginger, either use about double that
    for 8.5l or grate the ginger for more efficient extraction of heat and

  4. Never seems to cause a problem, but you can do it all under a bubble trap
    if you prefer. I hope your brew turns out well. I may use a ginger plant
    for a more traditional brew and get the kids to help out (memories of
    making ginger beer with my Dad when I was a nipper)

  5. Leo, your delivery of your self-written material is delightful. It’s
    engaging. In fact, it’s almost hilariously charismatic. Buckets of talent
    there, my friend, and the ginger beer sounds delicious to boot.

  6. @djhc123 Glad to hear it. The sweetness is much needed in the recipe, so
    the lactose sounds a good idea. Next time I make this it will be with a
    dark malt extract for sweet maltiness.

  7. Thanks for answering all the questions, this is very helpful. I’m looking
    forward to my first brew now.

  8. Hi Love the video !!!! I was thinking if i was going to make this is is
    worth doing a bigger batch ! So what would you suggest I need to make say
    20 Litres Many thanks

  9. @motormusic1 Yes liquid malt extract is fine; go for medium or dark and use
    a brewshop, they usually all do mail order. is run by
    Phil in Northwich, he’s a good chap

  10. i dont mean to sound like a noob (i am) but can you get drunk off this
    stuff the same as if you got regular beer from the store/bar?

  11. @psvialli Cheers. If you make a bigger batch, just multiply up the
    ingredients accordingly with the exception of the yeast. One sachet should
    do 20 litres. Also, to save cost, you may get away with using not much more
    ginger if you grate it, giving a greater extraction of the heat and
    flavour. I would thoroughly recommend using a dark malt extract and, if
    using honey, add it after the boil when cooling the wort so you don’t loose
    its flavour.

  12. he fella, that looks quite straight foreward, the mrs is addicted to
    crabbies how close do you recon it is to that or what can be added to get a
    clos approximation? Well done on the vid :-D

  13. After my first batch following your original instructions but using a
    medium malt extract, the results were very nice. Not quite as fizzy as
    yours seemed but still nice. Im on my second batch now and did a 23 litre
    version. I toned down the ABV and used 2kg malt extract and 1kg honey. Came
    out at about 5.6%. I primed my batch with 200 grams of dextrose and
    bottled. Been in bottles for 2 weeks now at fermenting temp and its still
    flat as a pancake? Any suggestions on what Im doing wrong?

  14. Hi, I am really interested in your ginger beer and I would like to make
    around 20 litres of this recipe. You also mentioned in other videos that
    medium malt would be better for the end product. Could you tell me please
    what would I need for 20 Litres and what kind of yeast I should use? Thanks

  15. I measured again today, and it was almost 1.010! I think i will give it a
    few more days before I bottle it :)

  16. @slangevar85 Sorry to hear that. Yes, tricky to say what went wrong.
    Sourness does suggest the work of wild yeasts or other uninvited microbes
    crashing the party. You may be familiar with lambic beer, which has no
    specific strain of yeast added to it, but is left to “spontaneous”
    fermentation by wild yeasts that happen by. The flavour is often sour. I’m
    not well versed in making such beers, so it’s a tricky call whether to add
    a rich flavour (like molasses or treacle) to balance it out …

  17. @Cannibalriot Thanks, but I don’t think I’d do much for the ratings; I was
    asked to appear on the second series of a programme on channel four, and
    they didn’t ask me back for the third series. I don’t think I’m what they’d
    be looking for.

  18. ok – took your recipe but made to 9 litres. honey 650g and 500 DME. 4
    lemons, 600g rootginger (chopped and bashed). After couple of weeks 8.3abv
    - but not too strong on the nose and csn taste the depth of flavour with
    the honey. Will see how secondary fermentation will get on (coopers 500ml
    +1.5 coopers carb drop). Will let you know how i get on old chap….Thanks
    fo the kick start. BTW – need a decent pils recipe at high stenght can you
    help please?

  19. I think the combination of grating, that will give you a more efficient
    extraction of the ginger flavour than my wastefull bashing method, and the
    use of ginger powder was responsible for the big ginger hit. I assume it
    was a good thing, though, the big ginger flavour?

  20. Ah another Ginger Beer.. thanks for the comments on the other video. Can i
    ask if you can use liquid malt rather than powdered malt? I’m still feeling
    quite daunted by it all but i’m determined to get there.. would you
    recommend ebay for most of the supplies?

  21. @TheMogsie 1) Quite right. Lousy idea adding it to the boil, all taste and
    aroma lost. I’ll put that down as a learning experience. Best added bellow
    70 C I believe. 2) The tap water here, without treatment or filtration, has
    served me well for many years. I like to do as little work as needed, but
    you are right that yeast doesn’t like chlorine much. Thank you all the same
    for the comments, good points well made.

  22. @BrewTubeUK thanks, I thought that I would concentrate the must for that
    gravity, 1073 is a high gravity for a normal mashing.

  23. The bubbles are emitted from little scratches.
    By the way: it is the same with cheese. If you’d take 100% clean milc, you
    wont get any holes. So cheese factorys really add some flour to get bubbles.
    (If you wonder, why i am telling this: i used your beer tutorial to fix a
    wine scene of mine, wich includes cheese, too. I’ll post it, when it’s

  24. If you ever did a series on how to make Minecraft characters and
    animations, you would get 10k more subscribers. Lots of kids out there,
    mine included that watch Minecraft animations all day long. Show them hoe
    to make their own, and they will flock to your channel and Blender Guru.

  25. The IOR with the bubbles is, because the ‘virtual photon’ changes direction
    during it’s passing through the border between volumes. Since the volume is
    done by shading, the IOR values for the bubbles are a bit messed up. If you
    used a real volume and not a shader and you did a boolean operator to cut
    the bubbles out of the water, it would work as physics telly how it should.

  26. If Blender didn’t exist i would have said wtf when i have readed the title
    of the video LOL.

  27. nice! but: using circles is a bit ugly. Isn’t it an idea to use a beauty
    fill in the middle?

  28. I’m pretty sure quite a lot of your subscribers are in university so no
    problems with booze there my friend :p

  29. Dude, a glass of beer can not be 2.5cm :D A glass for a baby wouldn’t be
    that small. 2.5cm in about 1in and also 10cm height is not possible. I
    guess you have mixed imperial and metric system :) Now i need to return to
    tutorial :)

  30. Your dimensions are a bit off. The volume of that thing is like a third of
    a pint. ;)

  31. What’s the problem with the vertical aspect ratio? It just depends on how
    they hold the phone while shooting.

  32. i just woke up, and i saw the the internet was gone, and the video stopped
    at 16:52 LOL xD

  33. Is there any reason, why you are allways using ortographic mode?
    This is hurting my eyes! I’m ony using this mode, when there is no other

  34. The bubbles need a condensation point, like a little edge or a particle of
    dirt to form and since they are (hopefully) not everywhere, the bubbles
    form at the same place in a stream. Actually beer glasses are nowadays
    designed to have condensation points in a way that provides just exactly
    the right amount of bubbles to keep a bit of foam.

  35. How exactly do you select the vertices that are inside the mesh without
    selecting those that are outside? Are there more nifty little tricks like
    that? That would cut a load of extra work off my project I’ll tell ya :D

  36. So Mr. Price likes extreme waists that are nice and tight at the bottom.

  37. I’ve been using these tutorials since I started learning Blender, but I’m
    at that phase now where I’m watching hour long videos and picking up one or
    two really interesting tips and turning to forums for the really difficult
    problems I run into. Any chance you might make a bunch more quick tip
    videos for the intermediate Blender artist? Just some short, interesting
    facts or common mistakes or things that could help would be awesome.

  38. Hey +Andrew Price I was just wondering if you could possibly cook up a
    helmet tutorial for me. I just found out about SOE Player Studio. It’s a
    program that let’s you submit custom items for three of their video games.
    I am using a template of a player head so I would have a base mesh to build
    the helmet around. Poly count is 6k tops. For reference, the games are:
    Everquest 1 or 2 and Planet Side 2

  39. At 5:00, why doesn’t he just increase the Mean Crease to a high value near
    1? Is there an advantage to adding more geometry instead of the above
    approach? I thought less polygons are typically desired.

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