BASIC: How to make beer at home

BASIC:  How to make beer at home

Keeping it simple for the beginner, we use a no boil ingredient kit. This is almost as basic as it gets. If you’re worried about marking beer, we demonstrate…
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In today’s episode of Barley Pop, Brewmaster Daniel Kahn of Buckbean Brewing Company in Reno, NV teaches you how to start a career in brewing and more specif…
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20 thoughts on “BASIC: How to make beer at home

  1. it’s a KEGGER! I really like the overall idea of brewing such alcoholic
    beverages, I can’t get enough rum! rum is something I really just love and
    by the time I get 2 bottles down I am done (or whenever I feel a strong
    buzz) not a heavy drinker like a pirate, but spice rum is liquid candy to

  2. @tbscrazy12 I agree, I work in the natural gas industry and work around
    alot of similar equipment etc…and was taught on the job. Keep it Blue

  3. I have an interveiw on Wednsday to be an apprentice brewer, hopefully all
    goes well! I’m in the UK BTW.

  4. wish there were more programs for would-be brewers to get into. Im 29, have
    a young child, and am really needing a career change. would love to do this
    but am not able to just up and move closer to a school

  5. you shouldn’t have to go to school to make beer, it should be taught on the

  6. Ha ha, That’s exactly what they want you to believe. The truth is making
    beer on larger scales means bigger, better, more “complicated” equipment.
    That’s all. If you make great beer at home, and can translate your recipes
    to larger-scale production then you should be fine, as making the beer you
    learn what you “need” to learn. If you want to start your own brewery that
    is more competition. That is the whole basis of regulations, established
    businesses limiting competition via govt force

  7. @MrVomitusdk Well they like me but their circumstances changed so they
    couldnt afford to take me on. It was a nice place, small business with just
    2 people running it and working there.

  8. where do you live? There are a lot of regional craft breweries. You may not
    start as a brewer, but maybe something else with an eye towards becoming a
    brew master.

  9. I’ve just decided to become a monk, move to Belgium, get a job with the
    Trappist Order and start brewing Chimay. Just a thought.

  10. OK im 16 and want to be a brewmaster and hopefully open up my own
    microbrewery. But I am lost in what schools I should go to. I have made
    “Whiskey” Countless times. I have a good palate for beer. (I dont drink to
    get drunk. I really love the taste of beer.) But there are lots of schools
    far away. But I want to move to oregon (I live in Nevada) so I found
    courses on OSU website. I was wondering if those classes would help me get
    my brewmasters certificate . Also any recommendations and tips?

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