How to make Ginger Beer – easy peasy recipe

ingredients and demonstration of ginger beer making – for 2.5 litres of ginger beer: zest and juice of 4 lemons; dessert spoon dry ginger; finger of grated g…
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  2. This might seem a silly question but in the 1- 3days where you leave it to
    ferment do you leave it out on the counter or in the fridge? Also, how long
    does it last after it’s ready? Thanks.

  3. Thank you for your answer- the problem is I live in Egypt so ‘room
    temperature’ is hot hot hot. An AC room maybe? Thanks again.

  4. Hi, I’ve just ‘googled’ what the optimum temperature is for yeast to
    ferment and it appears to be between 30 degrees centigrade and 38 degrees –
    which, in Egypt, is probably cooler than normal air temperature and hotter
    than an air-conditioned room ….. so I’m not sure where you should leave
    it to ferment ..

  5. Can I just add it’s highly unlikely you’d hit the optimum conditions so
    anyone worrying about 6.8% shouldn’t; it takes time and careful
    consideration to feeding the yeast with appropriate nutrients. You’re most
    likely to get about 4% which is generally about right.

  6. hi, I’ve looked on the internet and found some information at the
    ‘whatscookingamerica’ website. It states, “Multiply the amount of instant
    yeast by 1.25 for the equivalent of active dry yeast”. So it looks like you
    can use instant yeast, but be a bit more generous with the amount. I would
    suggest that so long as the yeast froths up after a while, when you add
    warm water and sugar then instant yeast should be okay. Ascorbic acid is
    vitamin C, so it should make little difference hope this helps

  7. To make it stronger alcohol content, you need to put in more sweetener, and
    also fermenting it longer helps.

  8. It would certainly be alcoholic. The question would only be how much. Yeast
    undergoes anaerobic respiration, producing carbon dioxide and ethanol
    (alcohol). If there is carbon dioxide present, which there obviously is as
    it is quite fizzy, then it would also contain alcohol.

  9. I saw a question about alcohol content. There will definitely be alcohol in
    the resulting product but how much depends on the sugar content and time
    allowed. Assuming a cup is 150g and an average of 3/4 ratio of honey to
    sugar 450g of honey ~ 340g sugar which could produce under optimum
    conditions 170g alcohol and over 2.5 litres that’s an ABV of about 6.8%
    max, if I’ve got my sums right that seems about right. But you’re not going
    to hit that because you stop it early so <4-5%. Hope that helps

  10. Obviously it won’t let me post a link so google for “Dave’s Dreaded Actual
    Specific Gravity Calculator”. Good luck.

  11. – just leave it somewhere at room temperature so the yeast continues
    fermenting; once the gases have built up, I release the pressure from the
    bottle, re-cap it and then store the bottle in the fridge – which slows
    down the fermentation process. I have kept a bottle for up to a couple of
    weeks in the fridge and it remains drinkable.

  12. @chsforyou – thanks for the comment; it’s my first attempt at making a
    demonstration video and I only realised after I finished that all I needed
    to do was to stop recording for a half hour and then start recording again
    at the end to show the full process – d’oh! Anyway, I hope you have success
    with your ginger beer making.

  13. Do you know roughly how strong this is? Going to make some tomorrow,
    exiting stuff :)

  14. ouch! I forgot to mention that I put the bottle in the garage to ferment,
    so if there are any explosions there is minimal damage – but I’ve had no
    explosions so far.

  15. My first attempt. I used plastic bottle as shown in the vid. My ginger beer
    exploded within a day. Leaves me a messy room with smell of yeast for 3
    days. Haha.

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